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17 September, 2014


Inspired by Marchesa ss15 London Fashion Week. 
Fall in love with the gown!

08 August, 2014


Happy father's day!
It's father's day in Taiwan today. 8th of August. Because of the pronunciation of 8 in Mandarin is pretty close to 爸, which mean Dad, so I guess that's why we make 8/8 to the Daddy's day!
However, Dad is always the awesome one! Love you Dad :) 

22 June, 2014


Recently I tried a new technique to make image, and I really enjoy it. I was quite very stressful for a few month, worrying about my future and some sort of silly worries just stuck in my head. Finally got a good news, sort of take off some weight on my shoulders. Then I enjoy my creative work freely, again :)

16 May, 2014


I often feel frustrated when I saw many talented illustrations, and start to doubt myself.

And this quote always helps me a lot:

I don’t think there’s any artist of any value who doesn’t doubt what they’re doing.
Francis Ford Coppola
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Being part time artist is very hard, and it's even hard to tell you what kind of hard it is.
I keep doubting myself, and also I am the only one can tell myself to keep going.
I still not sure can I be as good as what I wish to be, but only keep trying, then I will see :)

30 January, 2014


The answer is always in practice.

I was a bit lost, feeling scare about making ugly pictures ( I know I shouldn't but just can't help...) Then I pause, then more scare, then pause... It sounds so silly but if you suffered before you will know what I talked about.
Anyway, the answer is always there. Keep practicing!