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08 August, 2014


Happy father's day!
It's father's day in Taiwan today. 8th of August. Because of the pronunciation of 8 in Mandarin is pretty close to 爸, which mean Dad, so I guess that's why we make 8/8 to the Daddy's day!
However, Dad is always the awesome one! Love you Dad :) 

22 June, 2014


Recently I tried a new technique to make image, and I really enjoy it. I was quite very stressful for a few month, worrying about my future and some sort of silly worries just stuck in my head. Finally got a good news, sort of take off some weight on my shoulders. Then I enjoy my creative work freely, again :)

16 May, 2014


I often feel frustrated when I saw many talented illustrations, and start to doubt myself.

And this quote always helps me a lot:

I don’t think there’s any artist of any value who doesn’t doubt what they’re doing.
Francis Ford Coppola
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Being part time artist is very hard, and it's even hard to tell you what kind of hard it is.
I keep doubting myself, and also I am the only one can tell myself to keep going.
I still not sure can I be as good as what I wish to be, but only keep trying, then I will see :)

30 January, 2014


The answer is always in practice.

I was a bit lost, feeling scare about making ugly pictures ( I know I shouldn't but just can't help...) Then I pause, then more scare, then pause... It sounds so silly but if you suffered before you will know what I talked about.
Anyway, the answer is always there. Keep practicing!

17 December, 2013

No.172 Merry Christmas 2013

Made a few christmas cards for few people.

Can't believe 2013 is near the ending...

27 November, 2013


being really bad at blogging :S

However, this is a commission I done recently. I was very happy and enjoy doing it :)

It's a wall painting picture for a department store in Taipei, Shin Kong Mitsukoshi.

Thanks for my agent dealing with it well, they are amazing.

I feel I improved myself more after done this big challenge :)