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23 December, 2012

Merry christmas!

18 December, 2012


Hedgehog boy


Doing some illustration for next book idea recently...

I tried some ways of creating and combining images, I am so enjoying the process!

And I bet that's why I take it so slow :p

10 December, 2012







04 December, 2012


It's long time not updated... i know.

Many things happened to my life and i was kind of stop doing some drawings, only some doodles. i hope i can catch up soon, there're so many projects in my head need to run.

My mole story stuck for long, but i do keep doing some character developing.

I wonder what's he hobbies...

I imagine he might be a sophisticated guy...
(A friend of mine who smoke, he corrected that the pose of the mole holding the cigarette is wrong :s )

Anyway, BACK TO WORK! :)

29 August, 2012


Sometimes it's so difficult to know when to stop.
I like this but just feel ... maybe it needs something more? :-/

06 August, 2012


Painting is a very different idea to me, and I always gave it up in the middle way. But this time, I feel I kind of get it, kind of understand it :-) Keep practicing!

To my Dad, I love you!!

18 July, 2012


Que sera sera, what will be will be :)

You will start your brilliant journey, 
You will have exciting adventures and many stories
and then you will become a great man.

12 July, 2012


Finally! I signed it :-)

Hope Mr White is happy about the decision I made for him.

Wish to see you soon, my Mr White ! :-D
the unselected cover

02 July, 2012


Every time I look into my garden, it makes me refresh...

Hope my plants grow well and birds like to visit here. Maybe my garden make they feel refresh as well :)

ps. To me, raining day is always a watercolour-mood. Do you feel the same?

12 June, 2012


Hi, this is Morris the mole, my new character!

This character and idea came into my mind since the end of March, but it just stuck forever... I even kind of gave up :/
Suddenly last week, I just figured out the whole story! I was sooo excited! 

Oh can't wait to introduce you my lovely new friends properly! 

05 May, 2012

The Alley- printing copy!

The project"The Alley"- an unopenable book, finally be printed!

Started from a tiny idea, and it sounds an impossibly unreasonable book to make, but we stubbornly insisted to go forward to see how far we can reach. Yes, we made it :-)
It's an experiment try, and the result surprise me, some people are willing to give help and donation. No matter how, this book is enough a triumph! :)

21 April, 2012

my dear Inu...

I miss you so much...

I don't know if there's a heaven, or it's just create to comfort people still alive...

I miss you, Inu.

19 April, 2012


Go To Space- 3(or 4)

the sequential image project of Go To Space.

We always meet someone in our life, someone from a very different background/place/life, who might teach us something we never thought before.

13 April, 2012


In my culture, I never aware the difference between drawing and painting, cos we just use the same word. I am not good at painting, I feel less confidence to paint. Today, in my practice of gouache, I kind of found some tips and the way to control it. Also I found myself tend to use a loose way to paint, cos when I tried to paint a delicate painting, it just normal.

    like this one.
well, I still like this one, but just feel it's not mine :-/

exploring journey keep going......

05 April, 2012

01 April, 2012

No.127 idea of new story

“ Mr Mole got an invitation from The City, invite him to attend a very posh party... ”

Recently this new story just came into my mind, I was so exciting! And now I am enjoying develop it more, from the structure of story to character developing... oh I love to be a children's book maker :D

22 March, 2012

20 March, 2012

New life, as a start...

Glad I found a lovely new room.
I got more space to do my art!

A nice view from my window

and doing artwork! 

Hope everything goes well in my future, blessing!